About Shri Raj Verma ji


Shri Raj Verma ji  is an spiritual guru, an occult scientist and master of palmistry. He has been doing research in the field of spirituality for almost 16 years. His keen interest in the field of spirituality and his hard work gifted him various siddhis and occult powers. He use his powers for the humanity.  He has written various books on Das Mahavidya Sadhana and Tantra. You all are invited to do sadhana under his guidance. You can email him on mahakalshakti@gmail.com or call him on +91-9897507933, +91-7500292413

Shri Ratri Pooja By Raj Verma Ji



  1. dear guruji i want to do apsara sadhna pls guide me and rply for the same

  2. I agreed with your guru disciple story gurji. But in this kalugi time now a days people open shop no time to guide and only interested in collecting money. People are ready to serve guru but guru after being famous no time for ordinary disciple in trouble.Guru has time to solve problem of rich disciple or client but no time to save true disciple who can do anything for guru.I am sorry but this is my personal experience. From last 1 year I am doing Baglamukhi sadhana for stopping by divorce. But my divorced already taken place six month earlier approx but my Sadhana yet not completed. Why because my guru has no time to guide and give diksha. Any how I have completed upto astakchari mantra of baglamukhi but never able to perform homa. I request guruji please teach me homa. I dedicately doing my sadhana sitting from 9pm -2 am. Sleeping on ground, maintaing celibacy, everything I read importatnt for sadhana and follwing the same. In the mean time I came to know my wife married to some rich guy. I got dipressed.Then again one guru came to my home said I will help you.But I have to wait for 1 month as he done maran prayog on some one and for that he is doing prayaschit. When I called after 1 month extend 2-3 months almost wasted my 3-4 months. Due to all this my whole business distructed. I came under debt of lakhs of rupees. Not able to join job as not getting good salary though having degree of CS cleared, CA inter. Now decided to start 36 akchari mool mantra from pushya nakchatra as no choice to whom to trust as not able to pay gurus till I dont start job.
    Many time people are ready to become disciple but guru are so greedy they are only selling sadhanas and fooling inncocent people. Best example of such guru now a days is Asharam and Narayan Sai type of guru.Peope dont have guts to be true Guru.

    • Manish ji,
      I can understand what you are saying.Do not worry,I will guide you.If You call me it will be better.you can call in between 9 am and 4 pm on below numbers.

      Raj Verma

  3. sure I will call you on Monday. Because after reading your all post here I discover that we are connected in some manner. It is only you right now show me right path about my confusion.Because I am very disappointed by what has happened to my sadhana.Rest I will talk on phone.

  4. thanz a lot for giving me time and clear my confusions.

  5. Do you give Diksha in English for Ma Kamakhya?

  6. sandip chowdhury

    Guru ji… mai assam se hu.. mai shiv sadhana karna cahta hu.. kripya aap mera maarg darshan kare.. kiya mai shiv sadhana ke duwara… logo ki madad kar pawunga..

  7. sandip chowdhury

    Bohot bohot dhanyabad guruji.. mai aapko jarur call karunga.

  8. Namaskar Guruji, Main Apsara aur Yakshini sadhna karna chata hun . pls assist me , . Appki guidance ki jarurat hai. kya main aapko upper likhe phone no par call kar sakta hun

  9. Guruji I want to start shakti sadhna pl guide me

  10. Guru ji..
    I m searching spiritual guru from a long time for spiritual growth..
    I wont to meet you…

    Pease send your addresse

    Yogesh kr
    Mob. 09910012158
    Badarpur new delhi

  11. Guru ji Pranam, i m facing lot of problems in life. i got divorced. i m jobless. 1 year ago few blood drops came to my home. what is this and how can i come our of this situtuation.
    pls suggest…

  12. Sir ji pranam i m suffering a lot of major problem for finance.basicly i m a civil engineer but. now a days i have no job last two months pls. suggest me what i do. now i want to socide pls. help (kailash verma)

  13. Guruji may apsara sadhana karna chahata hu kripya rasta dikhay

  14. guruji, paranam

    i want to do this sadhana but iam unable to collect the right information and guidence can you guide me. I have no take any diksha and give all detail how to start from begnning guide me plz.

    from Sumit

  15. Respected GURUJI,
    First of all please receive my pranam. Although we have not met I am an indebted bhakt of yours. Your website has really helped to overcome a lot of negative situations in my life.

  16. GURUJI,

  17. Devidas Manohar Gangurde

    Namo Adesh Gurjuji kripya aap mujhe shiv mantra sdhana ke liye margdarshan kijiye

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